Programa ConectAme


Programa ConectAme

We know that the world is in a process of unprecedented globalization, and that Electronic Commerce has set an irreversible growth trend, manifesting as the most important and powerful tool that has become known in recent years in commercialization and with enormous projection into the future, as has formed a New International Market, highly dynamic and competitive.

This Digital Market, is developing the first technology that is continually renewed and has Marketing Mechanisms, which are well studied in its application to obtain the best results in the different communication modes.

  • B2C - Business to Consumer.
  • B2B - Business to Business.
  • B2E - Business to Employee.
  • B2G - Business to Government.
  • B2B2C - Business to Business to Consumer.
  • B2N2C - Business to Network to Consumer.

In Europe is strongly promoted by the Program "Adaptation of the Company to the Digital Economy", is funded by the European Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Nº Reference IST-030100-2008-533). Promoted by the Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce, through the Program InnoCamaras.

In Latin America observes  a lot of resistance to the change to Enterprise level and like this also the Governmental authorities that promote and reverse important sums of money to realize or take part in Exhibitions Fairs like the “The Maximum Commercial Expression” (are only as a tourist attraction and illustrative for the region's school) and not even speak  of the Electronic CommerceIt is for these reasons that Latin American countries not evolve commercially to the speed that advances the technology in the World.

Also observed that the majority of the Private Institutions related with the Production and the Commercialisation neither interest  by the technological evolution and the competitiveness of his associated, despising an Important International Market where the Demand is very upper to the Offer.

Evolution of Electronic Commerce in the World.

Latin America represents only 3% of the Electronic Commerce of the World and of this percentage almost 2% is of Brazil.

This situation does the Small and Medium Enterprises SME is the most prejudiced because the knowledge do not arrive to the traders that treat of not to remain so backwards of all and try incursionar of way very rudimentary by means of pages disfuncionales or realizing inoperable investments, (without adequate knowledge) making in the quest to make big business, only achieve big frustrations.

It can not  understand that while the World realises the commercialization in Real Time, that means in shape instantaneous by Internet, the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year and in shape totally automated. In Latin America do not use  this important commercial tool.

All these reasons did necessary the birth of the ConéctAme Program that already is present in 24 countries of America and has - Totally Free and without commitment – Theoretical Advice, Practical and Strategic on Electronic Commerce to all Company SME that request it. As like this also for Private Institutions or of Government (Local; Provincial; Estadual; National; etc), related with the commerce, the industry and the services of all America.

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Address:rua do ouvidor, 121 - 20040031 - Rio do Janeiro - Brazil

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