Courses and Seminars for Institutions

We know the efforts of private Institutions and government Business enterprises representing, for insertion into an international context that inevitably occurs extremely competitive and dynamic.

In this international context, the Internet is the tool most surprising, shocking and powerful that has been known historically. Electronic Commerce is currently playing an important role in all segments of the International Commercialization.

It is no coincidence that the European Union, together with its Institutions related to commercialization, they are making far-reaching efforts and investments to bring their Business to this new Digital Market by means of the Program "Adaptation of the Company to the Digital Economy", is funded by the European Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Nº Reference IST-030100-2008-533). Promoted by the Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce, through the Program InnoCamaras..

For all this, ConectAme Program is conducting a major awareness campaign and technological upgrade through the chambers of commerce, association or private Institution or Government, Local, Provincial, State, National or International, representing the merchants. Aimed at SMEs Trade Area of ​​All America.

Through these Courses and Seminars, we will know in a practical and simple, all the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages in different fronts, Commercial, Technical, Strategic, communicating, positioning, logistics, online payments, etc. As well as, the various forms of marketing.

It is important to note that Institutions wishing to apply for the Courses and Seminars, Totally Free and Without Obligation - should be communicated in advance with the ConectAme Program of your country, and the same is done by ConectAme Program Professionals, with the support of the Company REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America".


Últimos Seminarios:

Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs of Virrey del Pino 17-11-2012
Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs of Virrey del Pino

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