The Program

ConectAme Program is a comprehensive framework and methodology, designed to enhance knowledge, as well as the use and Integration of Small and Medium Enterprises to Electronic Commerce in form Competitive and Professional.

This program also includes Private and Government Institutions related to the Commerce, Industry and Services, as part of the marketing process, to coordinate strategies with its partners, facilitating the integration of both parties in this demanding and competitive Digital Market Globalized.

Considering the constant evolution of Electronic Commerce experience in commercial, technological and strategic REDCOSUR together with REDCOSUL make up "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America" ​​has created the ConectAme Program, as the most appropriate response to the advice and technological upgrading of the commercial area of ​​SMEs, and the Institutions that represent them.

To make better treatment of the subject, ConectAme Program is organized as follows:

  1. Advice: Totally Free and Without Obligation. Directed to all Companies that request it in All America. This is done by explanatory conversation in a friendly and easy to make it clear all the concepts in regard to Electronic Commerce in its entirety.
  2. Courses and Seminars: Totally Free and Without Obligation. For private Institutions or government, related to marketing, they decide to receive Advice, and to accompany its Affiliates, on the path of Technological upgrading according to what is currently managed in the World.
  3. Integration: It is aimed at Companies that have decided to venture into Electronic Commerce in a professional manner as well as to private institutions or government-related marketing they decided to accompany his associates corporately and inserted strategically this Great World Market.

The whole program is developed with ConectAme Program Professionals, with the support of the Commercial Network REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL, "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America".


Internet Is renewing constantly and is changing all the approach structured of the same civilisation. In the actuality are creating new forms of commercialization, doing that the Employers have to update on technology and strategy applied in an activity where the competitiveness is essential. The traders that do not update , are becoming automarginalized by not accessing to the minimum professional knowledges that requires the activity; arriving to consider like the new Digital Illiterate in the Commercialization.

Is showed in the whole World that Internet is a fundamental tool now, and with enormous projection to the future. Only it is necessary to open the mind to a horizon without borders where the greater limits are given only by the Fault of Knowledges and the Resistance to the Change.

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