Integration to Electronic Commerce

In recent years, Electronic Commerce has evolved significantly and as extending the Great World Market, is geometrically greater technological development is applied, as well as commercial skills and advanced communication used. All this has made ​​the Internet in a very competitive environment and professional.

It is important to note that this schedule of Integration, it is extremely necessary, because what you see on the screen of the computer, not all. There is a lot of technology that is behind schedule, you will discover that measures progress in Integration. As well as techniques and strategies, you'll be surprised.

ConectAme Program is a comprehensive program that not only brings knowledge, technology and integrates it as the Electronic Commerce Professional, but also worldwide position, constantly updated technology and accompanying applied professionally at all times, integrating International Commercial Community REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL, "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". With all the benefits it represents.

This program of Integration, consists of five thematic modules.

Module - The Commercial Mark
Module - Installation of the Business
Module - Positioning SEO
Module - Integration to the Commercial Network
5º Module – Commercial Tracking

Thus, the ConectAme Program will insert Electronic Commerce methodologically to gradually slow and competitive. Counting all the time, technical assistance and ongoing Advice of our Professionals.