1º Module - The Commercial Mark

Here, not only the domain is defined as Brand, elaborates  the Mark in his integral context, as Commercial Image, Global, directed and coherent Company or Institution, which will be reflected throughout the site.

As a first task, provides the means for on-line communication between Professionals ConectAme Program and those responsible of the Company or the Institution, as well as forms and schedules.

Then, in subsequent meetings, it takes a careful analysis, considering all the commercial aspects, operational, geographical, etc.. This first scan is done with input from those responsible for the Company or Institution and ConectAme Program Professionals, to develop the tactical trading scheme operational.

From here, you select the domain and start building the Commercial Image and idea communication, as well as drawing up the logical and functional diagram of the Site.

Are given the following instructions.

  1. A Business: Precise instructions for photographs, logos, the characteristics of the products, barcode, stock availability, pricing, etc.. As well, to provide everything related to institutional Business, to be reviewed and refined by professionals in the areas concerned.
  2. At Institutions: Specific instructions for taking the pictures, logos and everything related to the institutional, to be reviewed and refined by professionals in these areas.

With all this material, a second test to establish marketing strategies to apply on the Internet, you will find those responsible for the Business or Institution by way of suggestion, aimed at achieving sustainable competitive advantages.


1º Module.-.The Commercial Mark
Module - Installation of the Business
Module - Positioning SEO
Module - Integration to the Commercial Network
5º Module - Commercial Tracking