5º Module - Commercial Tracking

Once you have everything installed and running, start one of the most extensive work is done when you have an Electronic Commerce Site in a Professional manner. This monitoring is not just about whether it works or not is a continuous structural monitoring and projected future.

  • Periodic Advices
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance
  • Update

Periodic Advices: we have Specialized Professionals, who constantly analyze trends aesthetic, structural and Internet market. Thus, we renew and adapt technology to what is to come. The changes proposed by the evolution. The changes proposed by the evolution, it shall notify the sites responsible for adhering to our International Commercial Network Consulting Regular by these.

Technical Support: For your safety, REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL available for sites adhered on International Commercial Network Specialized Technical Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Maintenance: REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL consistently performed maintenance on all sites of the Commercial Community. This maintenance consists of the operating controls, structural search engine positioning and integration into the International Commercial Network maintenance is performed solely responsible for each signature and have our support only when requested.

Update: REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL has a specialized department that works in the development, review and analysis software used with the premise constantly keep improving our technology. This is why sites that adhere to our International Commercial Network, feature upgrades that will evolve the Business, although this represents additional costs.


Module - The Commercial Mark
Module - Installation of the Business
Module - Positioning SEO
Module - Integration to the Commercial Network
Module.- Commercial Tracking