2º Module - Installation of the Business

It begins with the recognition of the technology to use, and everything related to major functions for the assembly of the Business, or the Institution, as well, when the choice of the format of the Website or Template.

From here, the module is divided into two parts. Business and Institutions.

  1. For Business: Develops theoretical and practical integration of the creation of catalog sales, implementation of bar codes, stock management, offers, etc. As well, defines strategies and techniques to follow in the Administration and Commercial Image the Business.
  2. For Institutions: This module is built on Institutional sites, plotting their own Commercial Community and setting the strategies, objectives and trade dress of the same.

This module, developed entirely on-line and separately, because the activities and technology use are different, but at the end of the module are closely related, to define joint strategies to perform.

Know the technology is recommended by our Professionals to apply in each Business, as well as functions and marketing options available that are very large and very easy to use by anyone.

It is noteworthy that at all times have the advice, monitoring and technical support ConectAme Program, and Professional the REDCOSUR - REDCOSUL.


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2º Module.- Installation of the Businessss
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