General Objectives

The main objective of the ConectAme Program is to promote the use of Electronic Commerce, in a Professional manner for Small and Medium Enterprises of All America, through specific programs of awareness, advicetechnology integration and commercial tracking.

Specific Objectives

  • Encourage the use of the Internet, Business Promotional Purposes
  • Encourage the use of the Internet for retail Electronic Commerce (B2C)
  • Encourage the use of Internet for Electronic Commerce between Companies (B2B)
  • Encourage the use of Internet for Electronic Commerce, in all its forms.
  • Using the Internet, to market both products and services, at a competitive, Professional, Easy and cheap.
  • To meet the growing demand for professional assistance in e-marketing and corporate positioning.
  • Build confidence in the use of Electronic Commerce.
  • Ensure Customer Service Quality, Transparency and Respect for Users and Business of the Commercial Network.
  • Start Hand Enterprises, a Professional Work Tool, based on the use of appropriate technology to modern times.
  • Integrate the Company to the world of international Business, positioning its own brand.
  • Establish commercial and communication strategy of the Company, to insert the International Market.

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